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BUILDING AN INCLUSIVE CHURCH: 12/02..."Those who waste their time stalking, scolding or disapproving whoever are actually doing it to themselves". Second meeting of the LGBTQIA+ Small Group -  discussions on "Building a more inclusive Church". In this meeting we read discussed about the article "What kind of gay am I?" (  http://www.direitoafe.com/2018/12/what-kind-of-gay-am-i.html ) , prayed and shared experiences about inclusive faith.  Our next meeting will be on December 17th (Saturday) at 5 pm. 


BUILDING AN INCLUSIVE CHURCH - 11/18... "It’s important to feel included. It’s a fundamental human need, and when we feel excluded, it hurts. When we don’t feel like we belong, we tend to look for a place where we are more comfortable. We need to help everyone feel that they belong at church". The First United Methodist Church of Miami is a Reconciling Congregation which is providing safe places for all LGBTQIA+ people. Last Friday, it was launched a Small Group to welcome LGBTQIA+ people and allies who want make their church a more inclusive place. This Small Group is under the leadership of pastor Marvel Souza and pastor Raphael Lira who have 13 years experience in leading inclusive works in Brazil.  The first meeting started with a moment of prayer. Right after, each participant was encouraged to share experiences of inclusion. After that, pastor Marvel brought a reflection about Bible text on Acts 10:34-35: "Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how t


Source:Curriculum lattes CNPQ - http://lattes.cnpq.br/8274959377551914 Marvel Souza's Biography Reverend Marvel Souza was born in São Mateus do Sul (South of Brazil) and moved to Brasilia when he was 8 years old. Currently, he lives and serves as an openly gay pastor in the First Church Miami leading the Brazilian Ministry.  His ministerial life began 25 years ago, when he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to start his teachings in the Methodist church where he developed his first works based on his then recently acquired theology background. He served as a layman for five years. He was consecrated to the diaconate, having served for six years with dedication, dynamism and responsibility. At that time he introduced a theological formation course. This course was more successful than expected and was given in many different churches. Furthermore, he was the leader of a small congregation in a farm sector around the Brazilian capital for one year and a half. He became a


"WHAT KIND OF GAY AM I?" "Those who waste their time stalking, scolding or disapproving whoever are actually doing it to themselves". It saddens me when people use the Bible to find grounds for their sins and prejudice. I've read and heard a lot of things for and against homosexuals ( What kind of things have you ever heard about Bible against LGBTQIA+ people ).  When we are overly concerned about something that denotes a neurotic behaviour. Either we are trying to disguise something, or our subconsciousness is pushing us to out something that is ingrained into us. "What bothers me too much on others is actually a part of me". This is a classical psychoanalytical statement. Be careful! Those who waste their time stalking, scolding or disapproving whoever are actually doing it to themselves. There is something deep inside that has not been dealt with yet and that bothers us. ( Have you ever heard or known