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BUILDING AN INCLUSIVE CHURCH - 11/18... "It’s important to feel included. It’s a fundamental human need, and when we feel excluded, it hurts. When we don’t feel like we belong, we tend to look for a place where we are more comfortable. We need to help everyone feel that they belong at church". The First United Methodist Church of Miami is a Reconciling Congregation which is providing safe places for all LGBTQIA+ people. Last Friday, it was launched a Small Group to welcome LGBTQIA+ people and allies who want make their church a more inclusive place. This Small Group is under the leadership of pastor Marvel Souza and pastor Raphael Lira who have 13 years experience in leading inclusive works in Brazil.  The first meeting started with a moment of prayer. Right after, each participant was encouraged to share experiences of inclusion. After that, pastor Marvel brought a reflection about Bible text on Acts 10:34-35: "Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how t